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Vitamix 5000

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The name Vitamix (or Vita-mix) is a well known food processor used widely in the globe. With Durability, Simplicity and the helpfulness in preparing meals, Vitamix became one of the top food processor/blender in the world.

When people are more focused on the evolution after the industrial age and after exhausted of the World War I, a person who happened to be the founder of Vitamix company, William Grover Barnard ("Papa") was thinking of making everyday lives of people easier and better in terms of time and nutrition.

In 1921, the W.G. Barnard was travelling the country selling modern kitchen appliances. By an illness of his friend, he was realizing the importance of the whole food nutrition to health of people and their well-being. Then he changed the name of his business to Natural Food Institute and was not much longer it took to become a pioneer in the healthy food industry. The institute was studying and teaching the people about food nutrition. The actual blender came in to the arena in 1937 it took the name Vita-mix due to the reason that Vita means life.

Vita-mix’s first two products were born in 1940’s namely Pre-War Vita-Mix and Papa Barnard. Starting at that point, Vita-mix was in interest of many households as a helpful equipment to prepare everyday meals. The Vita-mix has many generations in their product timeline, namely Mark 20 & Mark 20 Vitamatic 500 in 1950s, Sidewinder in 1960s, Kitchen Center in 1970s, Sidewinder 2200, Vita-mix 3600, Vita-mix 4000 in 1980s, 4000 Series Vita-mix, TNC/5000 Series Vita-mix in 1990s and 4500 Series Turbo Blend Vita-mix and TNC/5000 Series Vita-mix in 2000s.

From the starting of the company in 1921, the Vita-mix brand was spread across all over the globe and it is now in use over 80 countries worldwide. The Vita-mix brand is well known in it’s domain as a blender and a food processor competing among the best manufacturers of blending machines and food processors.

Is Vitamix 5000 a blender?

It is more than a blender. Vitamix can rupture the food in to a microscopic level so that nutrition elements can be easily digested by your body. Not many blenders out there has that capability and in fact Vitamix 5000 blender is the most well known blender for the task and hence many doctors recommend their patients to use a blender like Vitamix 5000.

Is Vitamix 5000 is a juicer?

The Vitamix 5000 will make your all fruit juices in no time but it will give you more valuable added advantages than an ordinary fruit juicer. The Vitamix 5000 will take only 60 seconds for you to prepare a nutritious food juice from your whole fruits. Just put in your fresh fruits or vegetables in to the container, make the adjustment to hi/low and flip the switch. In contrast to a juice extractor, the Vitamix blender will prepare your juice not only with the juice itself, but the fibers of the fruits will also be there in the juice as you can toss the vegetables as a whole in to the Vitamix container and blend it as a whole. No part of the food need to throw away as all of the nutritious parts of the fruits will be in the juice you will be drinking making the drink delicious as well. In a juice extractor, it is well known that the delicious fibers of the fruits and vegetables should throw away as waste. It's recommended that women should eat about 25 to 30 grams of fiber each day and the risks of having critical health deceases will reduce to a greater extent. Vitamix is a great way to prepare your fiber included fruit juice at your home at your own time.

The following video is demonstrating some basic meal preparations with a latest model than the Vitamix 5000. But the procedures are very similar, Enjoy!

4 Unique uses of Vitamix

The Vitamix is well known for its 4 unique features where no other equipment in your kitchen can be used as single equipment.

1.    Juice whole foods

Unlike many fruit juicers, Vitamix enabled you the option to add fruits and vegetables as a whole and make the ultimate fruit drink with best of nutrition. The Vitamix whole fruit juice is well recognized for its smoothness and deliciousness due to this feature.

2.    Cook Soup

If you want to prepare a delicious soup, there is no necessity to light up your gas cooker or the microwave oven. The friction of the hammermill and cutting blades of Vitamix will heat your soup up in just 4 minuteswhile preparing a delicious soup with the ingredients you put.

3.    Frozen Treats

Vitamix can be used to prepare frozen treats like deserts quickly. Just put ice cubes and the fruits of your choice. Power it up, hammermill and cutting blades crush and cut up frozen ingredients and then the ingredients will freeze themselves, serving your frozen treat!

4.    Grind Grain and Knead Dough

The dry container which comes with the Vitamix grinds whole grains into ultra-fine flour in just 60 seconds.